Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2010-06-02 || License: Shareware (11) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

Your cute serial and license keeper.

myApps is a clear program, crafted with attention to detail, for storing and organizing software serial numbers, license files and attachments like .pdf files or mails.

myApps helps you to keep track of all important information of all your purchased software (tools, services, widgets etc.) in a straight forward and easy to use way.

Best of all - everything works with drag-and-drop and all your data and files can by synced with your iDisk or Dropbox.

myApps can also be used as a portable application - thus can run from any thumb-drive…

Key Features

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • password protection
  • iDisk | Dropbox sync
  • portable application
  • Quick Look (files | attachments)
  • iTunes-like search
  • import MacUpdate license files
  • import AppShelf license files
  • auto-fill user information
  • international currency
  • export license files
  • print | export complete library (.csv | .xml)
  • backup complete library (incl. files as .zip)
  • lots of more nifty features
  • Suggest screenshot/icon / Suggest new version

    2 Opinions

    @tbdelivers - Why are you spamming on behalf of 1pass? Have you even evaluated this or the other alternatives?

    Sooo many apps like this. Even licenses are now sometimes put in the format of importable licenses like machesit has done with their appshelf licenses.

    Get a one and done app that does everything. Get 1password, it can import appshelf files, import/save all your user logins, notes... buy 1pass and you never need another app for remembering things again. Go to islayer, makers of istat and get a 20% discount code, buy 1password. 1pass is now releasing version 3 soon so no paid upgrades for a LOOOONG time. Constant development. They focus on one app not 15+ like moapp does (makers of this app.) These apps from this company are thrown together, they do the job, not well and you need to buy 4-5 to do what 1 could.