Version: 1.0 Beta 2 || Release Date: 2009-06-27 || License: Shareware (20 euro) Developer: Vertical Horizon | App Owner: myblood

MyBlood is a new genealogy application for Mac and Windows.

MyBlood is a new genealogy program. The program has several unique features. First of all, it is available in two versions: Windows and Macintosh.
It is multi-lingual. English, French and Dutch versions are available today and the program includes a Translator Tool to help you translate everything in the application. You can modify the program to create a new language if your preferred language is not yet available. All reports and generated Web-Sites can also be translated.

MyBlood is a visually rich program: almost everything is oriented around pictures, media, graphs and historical timelines. Therefore there are several ways to look at data. e.g. Ancestors, TimeMaps, Chronology, Timelines...
MyBlood also has a very powerful find feature. The Find window can show you specific information or everything MyBlood can find. With Find Distance and Time, you can find all data that is found in a circle around a place, and even in a specific time range.
MyBlood has a unique Find and Replace function, allowing you to quickly and easily modify data scattered in the database.
MyBlood contains Time Maps: it displays the locations of a person's ancestors on a computer-generated map, up to four generations.

MyBlood allows to select people on images, in a facebook like way. Move over an image to see the name of the person...
MyBlood is new and add some new ideas and features that aren't present in existing applications.

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