Version: 1.4.6 || Release Date: 2009-09-22 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: | App Owner: hstrindb

time tracking made easy

myMacTime is designed for anyone who wants to keep track of the time spent working on specific tasks with little effort. myMacTime is easy to use and very flexible.

Track your time from any Application
Using the status menu, you can control your timers, switch between projects and different tasks from any application. Watch the movie...

Track the time spend working with Applications
Associate applications to tasks and your application usage will be automatically tracked. See how much time you actually use each application in a given day, month or year.

Drag & Drop just everywhere
Use drag & drop within projects or between projects to organize your tasks and sessions Watch the movie... or use drag & drop to export your data very easily to other applications or to your Desktop.

Batch editing of tasks and sessions
Change the values of tasks and sessions at once.

Quick Report
Just select tasks or folders to see a session summary.

2-Way iCal Synchronization
You can synchronize your working sessions with iCal for printing and sharing or import iCal events. Using myMacTime, you can even batch edit your iCal events.

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