Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2011-05-07 || License: Shareware (9.95) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

The complete different notepad and outliner.

Yes, I know mySlips is not an outliner in the traditional sense. Now there is no longer anything to fold up and down nor are there anymore nodes or any other comparable things that are simply a hassle and time-consuming, too.

But just between you and me – what would you do with the most creative and absolutely best toolkit in the world … with a piece of paper and a pen?

That’s right! We have an extremely fast and effective slip with points. That’s what we need 99 percent of the time – and nothing else. And that’s exactly what mySlips gives you.

A very simple and, in particular, speedy and intuitive way to create slips in order to flesh out and sort your thoughts. In doing so, not even one single program should stand in your way. Instead, it should give you the support you need. mySlips enables you to manage tons of slips like that as well as to synchronize them with an IDisk or a Dropbox.

It also lets you exchange and share them with the rest of the world and to process them together – without others needing to go out and buy an overpriced Outliner – with complicated and cluttered features that none of us really need.

The core capability of mySlips lies in its simplicity. After all, we want to unleash our creativity for more important things like preparing an article, an interview or a new, terrific project.

Best wishes for a lot of success with mySlips!

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2 Opinions

I can see this developer getting better and better developing for the Mac platform – and it shows in the quality of his apps. I'll also admit the fact that, when seeing most of MOApp's apps, I use to think "whoa, nice".

BUT. There's something about the whole branding of the product series and the company itself, that I've always had a gripe with. From a customer's viewpoint, I really don't want to see "MOApp's myApplication name" slapped onto the windows' titlebars… I also feel there's an ambiguity about whose app it really is. In my opinion, it feels like it's his app, not mine. I'm also put off by the whole 'camelCasing' thing. It's just too geeky, and shows that there's been a programmer in a brand designer's clothes.

If I'd be be the developer – provided the apps gained enough revenue – I'd consult somebody who could make the brand package more appealing to those of us who are aware of (and care for) these things.

Lastly, I think there's definitely good potential and a raison d'être in this company – but it hurts to see a lot of wasted market potential because of lack in branding judgement. These apps deserve better. If MOApp is a one-man-band, maybe trying not to rush too many apps out the door and instead spending some effort on said remarks would be the way to go?