Version: 1.5.10 || Release Date: 2011-12-13 || License: Shareware (29.00) Developer: Minder Softworks | App Owner: mindersoftworks

Keep track of the products you purchase: receipts, warranties, manuals, how-to's, where you bought it, how much you paid, how you paid for it, and more.

Minder Softworks' MYStuff 1.0 was developed to solve two common problems: eliminate paperwork clutter associated with the things people own, and take advantage of manufacturer's warranties. It accomplishes this by storing information about the things you own as images, PDFs, and as manually-entered data.

Every year, people throw away countless products that are still covered by a warranty. Most often, they are unaware that the product is still under warranty because they cannot find the receipt and warranty information from the time of purchase, which may have been a year ago or maybe ten years ago. As a result, they replace an item that could have been repaired for free, thus saving them money. Keeping important paperwork organized is a tremendous amount of work, which explains why so few people do it.

MYStuff addresses this by making it easy to file and find information about the things you own. You simply make a new record, and key in some basic information. Then you can add an unlimited number of files to the record: a scan of the receipt, photos of the item, a PDF of the manual, and anything else you would like to add.

MYStuff will immediately draw comparisons to popular PDF- and note-managing applications, home-inventory applications, receipt-tracking applications, and warranty-tracking applications. MYStuff is none of these things and yet it is all of these things. It is designed to be a central repository for all information regarding the things you own.

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1 Opinion

Got this a week ago and started tracking new purchases. Early indication is that it is easy to use yet caters for sufficient data to be recorded. Recommended.