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Version: 2.0.2 || Release Date: 2011-06-20 || License: Shareware (19.95) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. To go.

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This is the companion application for the all new myTexts Apps for iPad and iPhone.

"Less is more", as minimalist architect Mies van der Rohe says. Not only is this aphorism true in architecture, it’s true in writing as well.

Enter myTexts, software specifically designed with you, the writer, in mind.

* iDisk | Dropbox Support | iPad | iPhone Companion App
* Snapshots | Backups | Auto-Save | Templates (Snippets)

* Document | Media Browser with Preview (Quick Look)

* Statistics | Statistics for Selection | Word Frequency Count

* Preview (Paginated) | Markdown Support | Print/Export Formatted Documents

* Print (Export as PDF) incl. Page Numbers and Custom Footer

* Print/Export Groups (Complete Books for example)

* Support for Rich Text/ Word/Open Office/Text/HTML/Markdown Documents

* Gorgeous and Customizable Fullscreen View (Single Window Mode)

* Drag-and-Drop Sophisticated Quick Groups | iTunes-like Search

* Tags (OpenMeta Support) | Comments | Notes | Text Inline Search

I've written this new pro version to ensure a hassle free integration with Dropbox/iDisk/iPad/iPhone/whatever and to simplify the usage…

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6 Opinions

Once again - it is wrong - you can now toggle :-)
Second - it is more than a 'simple' text editor…

And please write a mail - so we can fix the crash - for all others it is working fine…

In Writeroom, you toggle by pressing ESC: that's what I call toggling. In MyTexts you have to go into Preferences.

Adding bells and whistles is not what minimalist text editors are about: there's Microsoft Word for that kind of thing.

And, yes, the app crashes on me every time I use it.

But if these issues are addressed, it could be fantastically good.

Sorry - but booth is wrong :-)
You can now toggle and once you've created a simple text document it will always be saved a s a simple text document

and there is a reason why it is not text by default - simple and distraction free is a big difference - snapshots, comments, texts, notes etc simply isn't possible with a simple text file

but maybe it just not the app for you - thats the good thing about having a choice. maybe WriteRoom fits your needs better…

@hertzchen : Well, no you can't 'toggle' between view modes; I wish you could, it would be easy to design the app that way. Instead, you have to SET a preference, which by definition means you can't toggle subsequently.

You can export to txt format, but this causes stability issues, because Mytexts constantly saves in its own proprietary format as well. The resulting duplication isn't handled well by the application, and it usually ends up crashing. I honestly can't see the point of a minimalist text editor that doesn't use txt format by default.

Of course you can store them in simple text files as well - but without notes, comments, tags, cursor location etc.

and with the latest update you can toggle between view modes

complicated? really???

The application is promising, very thoughtfully and elegantly designed, but MyTexts stores all documents in a proprietary format (you can still open them in another text editor, but they will then be cluttered with metadata, rendering them useless in that format), and I’m really at a loss to understand why a minimalist text editor doesn’t at the very least offer its users the option to store their documents by default in text format, and perhaps in Markdown as well: the proprietary MyTexts format is useless to me, and forced me to ‘export’ my texts to text format every time I wanted to simply save them. The complicated setup seems to trigger stability issues, with the application frequently crashing after I exported texts to another format. The desktop version also needs polishing: one feature it lacks, for instance, is the ability to toggle between full-screen and window view on-the-fly, which is treated as a preference setting rather than something you can switch as you write.