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Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2010-02-20 || License: Shareware (14) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. White background.

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myTexts snow... No distraction. Just text. Pure creativity. White background.

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This is a special version for eye-impacted people, people with a need for a 'white paper' to be creative etc.

Less is more, as Mies van der Rohe would say. This is not only true in architecture; this is especially the case when it comes to writing.
Thus, myTexts helps you to get more meaning out of your words with less distraction.

With myTexts you focus almost automatically on writing. You simply don't have to care about windows, buttons or formats. Your Mac turns into a truly typewriter again.

Now, focused on writing, myTexts also takes care about your documents, files, backups and of course how to regain them. All this is done in a self-explanatory and user-friendly way. All your writings are just on click away at the left hand side and completely searchable. You can add tags for your convenience, which can be added to your Spotlight search as well. Thus, you will never again loose a single text…

No man is an island - not even the best poet. Since we write to be widely read and understood, myTexts is made for exchanging files with the outside world. myTexts reads and writes the most important file formats…

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