Version: 1.8.1 || Release Date: 2011-05-05 || License: Shareware (9.95) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

The sexiest way to blog without Browser.

myTumblr is a cute Tumblr client for Mac OS X and the sexiest way to blog without browser.
And the Mac way.

We all love Tumblr for its simplicity. And we all use a Mac because of its simplicity and because it does things as expected. Well - that's why you will love myTumblr, too.

Just open it and start to blog. Drag a photo from your Desktop, iPhoto or Safari - crop, enhance it or even add annotations and just upload and post it with one single click.

Publishing audio or video files is also a no-brainer with myTumblr. Drag-and-drop, Quick Look them if needed and hit the 'Publish' button - and you're done. Even use your own FTP server - because it is your content.

For the nerds, there is also support for HTML (like the 'more tag') and if you're even nerdier - just use Markdown, multiple accounts and unlimited groups and let the Dashboard refresh itself automatically - so you can re-blog and note absolute everything.

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