Version: 2.16 || Release Date: 2010-12-22 || License: Shareware (10) Developer: Leif Heflin | App Owner: leifh

The most intuitive way to keep track of your ever-expanding record collection.

MyVinyl is your record collection's best friend.

- Add albums manually or automatically
- Save album art with each record
- Edit the track list to remember which songs are on which albums
- Keep a "want" list as well as a "have" list.
- Sort your collection by Artist, Album Title, Label, Year, and more.
- No more confusion when trying to alphabetize your collection on your shelf!

- Import from Discogs and keep an offline collection!
- Sync changes with your Discogs account!
- Backup your collection in a couple clicks!
- Export to HTML and XLS!

- Have peace of mind when you need to report stolen or ruined records. Now you'll have a full list of what you had.

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2 Opinions

Yes it currently does that but Discogs removed XLS export which is what MyVinyl uses to import. The beta version of MyVinyl 2.0 switches over to XML which is currently available through Discogs.
Note: This is a preview version. It is not meant to replace v1.99 (yet).

This is pretty cool, but would it be possible to have it import/sync your discogs collection?