Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2009-05-17 || License: Shareware (19) Developer: MOApp | App Owner: hertzchen

The weblog editor for people with style!

myWeblog is an easy-to-use weblog editor focusing on the most important functions for blogger with easy to use features and a clean user interface. Why should you hinder yourself by using the slow and hard-to-use webinterface WordPress comes with, if you could do it with style and comfort of a real Mac application.

myWeblog gives you the freedom to work on your articles offline - whenever and wherever you want. With myWeblog it's so easy to integrate pictures, without using a special application or thinking about the correct HTML code.

· WordPress & MetaWeblog API
· intuitive interface
· manage and publish both - entries and pages
· timed publication
· custom image styles
· automatically create 'the_excerpt'
· live preview, word count and Quick Look witch custom CSS
· built in webbrowser (incl. bookmarks and history)
· templates for recurring articles
· usable as portable application
· syncale with iDisk (Dropbox)
· great import/export features
· HTML editor with gorgeous syntax-coloring and spellcheck, search/replace
· support for 'WordPress Custom Fields'
· convert, scale images and create thumbnails
· automatically use image URL as 'Custom Field'
· support of all available WP control options (e.g. Keywords)
· HTML tag templates and keyboard shortcuts
· smart upload of files and images
· easily create links
· full local control of remote entries (incl. download & editing)
· a lot more nifty features…

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The best wordpress client out there...
If you love to code by source, than this will be your heaven...