Version: 2.1.2 beta1 || Release Date: 2010-08-01 || License: Freeware Developer: The Nambu Network Inc | App Owner: factoryjoe

Social Messaging Streamlined

The Nambu Network is about creating the best possible social networking experience, as we think it needs to be done: natively. That is, as a native application: responsive, always available, and with all of your preferred services together in one place. Nambu is social messaging streamlined.

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9 Opinions

Wow. This is really nice.

the efford of recreating the code is getting somewhere. in my humble opinion this is the very best twitter client out there. from within the program you

-retweet (the newer retweet feature of twitter)
-search (interacts with twitter to save and use those)
-see the clients your contacts use

you can mark messages as read and/or hide them. if you build up folders, nambu will mark the messages here in the folder there as read as well - so you should only read stuff ONCE.

- favorites are working one way at the moment. if you hid them, you'll probably have to show up at twitter - but at least that's what you're meant to do at a certain point anyway.

for the amount of stuff i throw at it, it's pretty stable now.

i believe you can't get lost with this, though however you may find yourself stuck at twitter by the time you get used to nambu.

one more thing:.... IT'S NOT BASED ON AIR and amazingly free for you

This crashes on me every time I try to input my Twitter username. :(

Great, no more unknow people in my timeline :),

Something that I would find in a next release is:

- Hotkey to show the main window
- Themeability
- Another DockIcon (Maybe a big version of menubar icon :D)

And by another hand everything else is good.

I have found the translate feature very useful. A couple of people I follow are bilingual.

Slick search integration, groupings and conversations, good drill down, great potential with the planned FriendFeed and integration; though pretty rough around the edges (but hey, it's still officially a beta,) potentially the best Twitter client by far.

Pretty nice app, enought fetaures, and excelent integration with and sites.

However Nambu adds unknowed people to my timeline, so I would desist to use it.

This is one of the most interesting native clients I have used. Very promising. One of the few I have used other than tweetdeck that handles searching well.

Looking very nice, has the ability to filter out links, translate tweets to your native language and sort tweets into private, replies, etc.