Version: 2015.8 Classic Edition || Release Date: 2016-07-22 || License: GPL Developer: | App Owner: neooffice

NeoOffice is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, database, and macro functionality) for Mac OS X. It can import, edit, and exchange documents with other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office.

NeoOffice is focused on making a better Mac OS X citizen, with dozens of standard Mac features not found in or LibreOffice.

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45 Opinions 3.0 looks immensly promising, and the developer builds of OpenOffice 2.4 are Aqua so I'm giving up on NeoOffice now. It was good while it lasted, but I'd rather support the main code.

OO.o 3.0 is going to be all new code with a ton of new features that I need (bibliographies, finally).

Kudos to the NeoOffice devs for doing all the hard work up to now. Hopefully they can work something out with OOo…

Now Office 2008 is universal, and Entourage isn't so bad at handling Exchange. :-)

But given the cost, Office is 2x more expensive than most Mac users are willing to pay. I'd recommend donating $100 USD to PlanetMesa (NeoOffice) if you really need something (Office related) like Pages importing.

When downloading, it's best to avoid the mirror -- started downloading from there with an ETA of 1 hr 20 min, then switched to one of the other mirrors ( & got it in 5 minutes.

Does everything it should, without messing up. Great, and free!

NeoOffice takes care of all my office needs in a way that may not provide the coolest OSX experience ever, but I still think it is one great package.

Version 2.2.2 is available as a patch for 2.2.1 users as well -->
Saves bandwith on both ends and, of course, quicker.

It opens fast enough on a Mac Pro. Remember Microsft Office isn't the speediest of apps either - and that's the feature set Neo Office is trying to work with too.

i second that
besides: as far as i rember it's not like MS Office was "there" in an instant on my old windows machine. if you really need it quick use Bean ( ) as default and NeoOffice if you need all the features...

Mod me down if you have to, but I don't understand all of the animosity towards NeoOffice. If you really want or need Microsoft Office, then get Microsoft Office. Yes, NeoOffice isn't a speed demon, but the task that Planamesa undertook to get the OOo codebase to this point was a massive undertaking. Maybe you'd all rather be running OOo through X11 then, huh?

2.2.1 PPC build on G5 still takes ages to start & shut down.

New version 2.2.1 posted:

"This release is based on the 2.2.1 code and includes all of the new 2.2.1 features...This release includes support for the Mac OS X Spellchecker and Address Book and experimental support for Office 2007 Excel and PowerPoint files."

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