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NeoOffice is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, database, and macro functionality) for Mac OS X. It can import, edit, and exchange documents with other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office.

NeoOffice is focused on making a better Mac OS X citizen, with dozens of standard Mac features not found in or LibreOffice.

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How can a program use 60% of CPU (on 1.8 G5 with 1.5 GB ram) for 10+ seconds just to shut down?

Yeah, it's big and a bit slow, but NeoOffice has everything an end-user like myself could want - and it's stable (I get really twisted when I have to force quit some app when the inspirational juices are flowing). I use it for high-end desktop publishing of brochures; there are a lot of premium apps out there, and maybe some can produce "better" results (you'd have to prove it to me) - but this one is free, which makes the premiums kinda shabby before the comparisons even start. I second "haleakalari" on this app, as I am a recent refugee from thralldom to Redmond (Hey, dudes, like Cupertino rules, man).

While they've updated the program with new icons which makes it much nicer to look at, it's still a bloated resource hog and it takes up over a 100mbs. For a text editor, spreadsheet editor, etc?

I thought open source software was supposed to be lighter (memory-wise) and more tightly coded?

Although I use OO daily, I dread opening or closing a document in it (on a new MacBook). It's slow & it drags everything else on the system with it -- one of the few programs that can make the whole computer unresponsive.

I fell in love with years ago on Windows. When I switched to Mac, I was horribly disappointed with’s X11 offering. I longed for the performance and simplicity of on Windows or Linux. Finally, in the latest editions of NeoOffice, comes of age on the Mac. It loads quickly, responds well, and has all the goodness of wrapped in a beautiful Mac package. Not perhaps as Mac-like as some apps, and certainly not as quick at loading documents. Nevertheless, I couldn't ask for a better Mac office suite.

back on my windows machine i moved from ms office to star office and eventually settled on openoffice, which is what i stuck with until i switched to mac. when i heard there was an aqua/native port of openoffice for mac, thought was not even required, this was pure reflex, i downloaded, mounted and installed neooffice right away. on windows openoffice was an amazing discovery, even at 1.1.5, it became the replacement for all previously used office software. on mac, it is all about neooffice. with the latest version, launch time is shorter and yesterday i was even able to open and export a huge excel file, literally tens of thousands of rows and columns. it opened and rendered without error, i saved it as an open document spreadsheet file without error and exported it to xhtml, without error. this excel file was over 15 megabytes large and there was no data loss or problems in display when viewing the open document spreadsheet version or the xhtml version! i mean, really... all you need when it comes to office software on your mac, is neooffice.

The best free office suite you can get for Mac OS X. Yes, it is slow to start, and I use AbiWord if I just need to preview a .doc file. However, it is as robust as OpenOffice/MS Office.
The interface gets nicer and nicer looking with each major version. Functionally, it is pretty much on par with the standard Office suite. (I prefer the single large window with integrated toolbar to the standard AppleWorks/Office for Mac 2004 style floating toolbar/inspector.)
Be sure to get the latest Aqua 2.1 version, it has many improvements!

Kristarella is right. This is really slow when it is launched.
But let's not forget that this is a "heavy" application (377.1 megabytes) and that it includes all options (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.) within the same window.
Microsoft Office, on the other way, has separate applications for each task.
But I also agree that NeoOffice is a great piece of software.

It's the slowest program to start up on my computer but otherwise works pretty well. Way better to run native under OS X than to run OOo under X11.

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