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NeoOffice is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, database, and macro functionality) for Mac OS X. It can import, edit, and exchange documents with other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office.

NeoOffice is focused on making a better Mac OS X citizen, with dozens of standard Mac features not found in or LibreOffice.

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@bmitchel56 for binaries of the latest version. The source is still available, and you could build it yourself. So it doesn't invalidate the GPL.

License says GPL, but latest version 3.2 requires payment to obtain.

My opinion of NeoOffice keeps improving. For academic work, I'm finding that it converts between formats, while preserving footnotes and endnotes, better than any other Mac app I know of. When I have to deal in Word documents, NeoOffice takes better care of Word's footnotes than MS Word does! I only use Writer, but that's enough to make NeoOffice worthwhile.

Wondering whether future versions will follow the LibreOffice fork of OOo. Given the plug from NeoOffice on LibreOffice's website, I'm guessing they will.

I love NeoOffice

Description implies that requires X11. This was true in the past, but current versions of OOo for Mac are written in Aqua, no X11 needed. For both PPC & Intel Macs.

n ice, not the very best

It's a large app but it does what it does well, for small edits I would recommend Bean, for more stylish work Pages.

NeoOffice often surprises me, particularly when I need conversions. I have MS Office too, but I open Neo instead of PowerPoint when someone eMails a .ppt file because Neo is more reliable. More than once, NewOffice's draw program saved me out in the field.

The new 3.0 version is much faster than OOo itself. A nice update.

minor caution - this program will launch itself after install without asking you - a bit of a pain if you're doing something else and just want to update in the background, as it can bring older systems grinding to a halt while it launches.

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