Version: 0.2α || Release Date: 2009-09-14 || License: Freeware App Owner: stuartjmoore

Netcaster is a new kind of podcasting client. No more boring lists. No more cluttered interfaces.

The internet has thousands of podcasts available. Most, if not all, are free and ad-supported episodic shows delivered to you via open-standards in stunning HD quality. Many major networks, such as NPR, and popular comedians, such as Adam Carolla & Doug Benson, produce their own podcasts for you. Find some great podcasts and let Netcaster deliver them to you quickly and easily.

A growing number of podcasts record and broadcasting their shows live via Usteam. Unless you have their channel bookmarked—and remember when they air—you probably don’t watch it. Netcaster has built in support for Usteam, allowing you to subscribe to any channel, and watch the episode inside of Netcaster’s window. Soon, we’ll add the ability to schedule broadcasts and see when a channel is “on air”, so you know when to tune-in instantly.

Netcaster also supports Hulu, the internet’s largest collection of free, legal TV shows available in the US. There’s no need to remember when your favorite shows will air, because we will tell you exactly when they’re ready for you to watch. You won’t even need to visit, as you can watch your shows inside of Netcaster.

Thanks to YouTube and Vimeo’s vast and growing community, there are many users putting out great content on a regular basis. But if you don’t go to the website everyday, you may miss some of the best videos. Netcaster allows you to subscribe to any user on YouTube or Vimeo, viewing their stream and getting their videos first.

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