Version: 3.3.1 || Release Date: 2012-07-24 || License: Freeware Developer: Brent Simmons | App Owner: arne

NetNewsWire is an RSS and Atom newsreader for Macintosh and iPhone

NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X. Its familiar three-paned interface similar to Apple Mail can fetch and display news from thousands of different websites and weblogs, making it quick and easy to keep up with the latest news.

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If you use an iPhone or an iPod Touch, this is the Reader to go. Just sync to Newsgator online and check your feeds via Sweet.

Version 3.1 is free as of today.

NNW today decided to reset my hundreds of feeds to the start up feeds. Im switching to something else.

Compelled me away from Google Reader. It is superb.

best RSS reader ever.

Version 3.0 is really great!
It's fast, has a beautiful interface and the web pages thumbnails are just the icing on the cake.
I have finally moved from Vienna and acquired a licence for NetNewsWire.
(If only Vienna had an Aqua look...)

I really like NetNewsWire. I used Vienna before, and it was nice, but I liked the smallness of NetNewsWire. Vienna was a bit too clunky for my tastes.

I used Vienna, but I recently changed to NetNewsWire (not lite). I prefer the UI and the general behaviour of the application. 4/5

I use NetNewsWire lite - It's simple but effective and syncs with the NewsGator service, which suits my purposes.

NetNewsWire Lite may be "free" (gratis) for the moment, but Vienna is Free Software and does the same job + gives you the souce to change it.

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