Network Beacon

Version: 1.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-12 || License: Freeware App Owner: jking_ok

Network Beacon is an application for advertising Bonjour services or proxying Bonjour services on machines that otherwise couldn't access them (such as by running through a VPN).

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This app still works great, and is a great / free replacement for ShareTool and the like. However it does not come with any instructions - the instructions below are great and still relevant- but just in case it's worth repeating this goes on the client machine - and the Host Proxy settings are the local LAN address of the server / target machine.

just started using yesterday to share my home itunes library as if it was on my current network. found out about it (and was able to set up) by following this site:
i'm still fairly new at SSH, but i was able to get this going within minutes.
I'm truly surprised this is not used by more ppl!

Great app! I use this to share my iphoto library over the internet.
Lacks documentation though. Here is how I use it:
On server machine (the mac running iphoto): enable iPhoto sharing..

On the client
Launch NB , create a new beacon:
service name: what ever...
Service type: _dpap._tcp.
Port number: 8770
check the box "Enable host Proxy"
host name: what ever you want to call your iPhoto server
ip address: ip of your iPhoto server

Done! It's a PPC app but works great on intel as well.