Network Magic

Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2008-05-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($25.00) Developer: Pure Networks | App Owner: nhwood

Helps network PCs and Macs together

The Network Magic for Mac Add-on simplifies the extremely challenging task of integrating different computer environments into one seamless network. Enjoy fewer headaches and countless benefits:

Manage Your Mac networking resources all in one place:
Use the dashboard to easily manage tasks, share printers, access Mac and PC folders and more.

Share Folders:
Share folders, applications, music and photos. See and access all of the shared folders on your network.

Connect to and Share Printers:
Select 'Share a Printer' and Network Magic gets you connected to start printing.

Test Internet and Network Speed:
Diagnose the source of slowdowns by checking your internet connection and network speeds.

Connect, Troubleshoot, and Repair:
Stay connected to your internet and network with point and click ease. Network Magic automatically detects connection problems and attempts to fix them for you.

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