Version: 1.95 || Release Date: 2012-07-26 || License: Shareware ($29.95) Developer: MachineCodex Software | App Owner: aclarke

The Core Player

Neutrino — the core player for the Mac with advanced playback features you won't find in any other player. Add effects, reverb, loops, time, pitch, Audio Units plug-ins, and more, all in real time. Enhance your music with equalizers and space correcting audio units. Explore stunning Music Visualizer representations of your music as it plays.

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Lots of bells and whistles, but still it's not what I'm looking for: an elegant iTunes replacement for large libraries.

This product is especially designed for public performance, which is where it absolutely shines. It is not designed to be a general-purpose audio player, so don't think of it as an iTunes replacement. I have been using this since the beta, and purchased it the moment it was released. The developers are highly responsive. Every problem I have reported has been promptly fixed. A very high quality product for an excellent price. You will not find a better player for public performance anywhere near this price range. The ability to apply effects (including the equalizer), instantly, in real time is something I have not found in ANY player out there.

The problem is, if you have a lot of podcasts like me, sorting by album does nothing in your "Library", since all the podcasts are there too.

Quite nice for a beta app, though I don't like that it's shareware so early in its life

AudioCodex 0.93b released!
MachineCodex Software is pleased to announce the release of AudioCodex 0.93b. This release features a major UI overhaul, and loads of keyboard shortcuts in response to user requests.

The main thing you'll notice is that the dials have been moved out of the main toolbar and onto a new hideable sub panel, which we believe makes the whole interface cleaner.

We hope you enjoy AudioCodex 0.93b, and we welcome your comments in the forum.

Looks good but its not as good as iTunes for managing your library. Overall there simply isn't enough to make me want to switch from iTunes especially when iTunes is free and this is shareware.

The only reason I use iTunes is because of its iPod support and the fact that I simply haven;t, until now, found anything better. This piece of software is absolutely amazing, and will definately replace iTunes for me in the near future.