Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-06-02 || License: Shareware ($5) Developer: EGO Systems, Inc. | App Owner: diz

Create new files anywhere on disk from within Finder.

If you've just switched to the Mac from Windows, it's very likely that there are several things that you miss. One of the things we miss the most is the ability to create a file anywhere on disk with a simple right-click of the mouse. Sure, you can create a folder, but even creating a simple text file is a strangely complex process that, frankly, doesn't feel very "Mac-like." To solve this problem, we created New!

Simply put, New! is a Contextual Menu Item (CMI) for Mac OS X (10.5 and later), that allows you to create new documents from a list of document templates that you define.

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Contextual menu plugins don't work in Snow Leopard

Free alternatives, both being very competent as such (NuFile being my favorite):

NuFile and DocumentPalette