Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2011-02-03 || License: Freeware App Owner: fritzscorner

Mac RSS with style. A very simple and elegant RSS Newsreader without all the bloat of other Mac RSS newsreaders.

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My old laptop doesn't have the extended screen space of some of the newer macbooks, so I love how Newsfire makes things work with a two-pane design, instead of three panes like Vienna, NetNewsWire, etc. I got used to the keyboard control and now I can't go back.

I own this app but I still prefer Safari, go figure.

I really want to use this app, it's really attractive.

but I can't use just the keyboard to parse through feeds, and why is there no sorting by date --- or even meta info in the post-detail view? I'm going back to shrook, which is free and much better for me at the moment.

I'd like the ability to view password-protected blogs, but otherwise I like it a lot.

Yeah, I bought it, and let me say, I can't live without it now.

YES, yes, worth every penny...!

Not sure if it's worth the $18. I have my debit card ready, but I'm not sure.

Echoing shadowhound, I would use NewsFire if it had Bloglines support similar to NetNewsWire. (I use Blogines is because I have a PC at work.)

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