Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2011-02-03 || License: Freeware App Owner: fritzscorner

Mac RSS with style. A very simple and elegant RSS Newsreader without all the bloat of other Mac RSS newsreaders.

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it prefers to fucking CRASH when feeds include movies...
u can wath em, but by pressing "next" it crashes!!!

I bought this app way back when it was still a shareware title... good app, loved using it. They only thing I hated is that it couldn't sync my feeds between my macpro and my macbook... which is why I switched to newsnetwire when it became free... newgator syncs it all... BUT I do like the interface and the way it blends into the OS... if only there was a way to sync newsgator with newsfire...

Beautiful this app may be, but unless you only subscribe to a small handful of feeds it simply isn't designed to handle the load.

@ dway:
I'm curious about that "trickie"...

@tee_cee : I toooootally agree! I deleted the app when I noticed that Dave's feed cannot be removed. Unacceptable, although I know it can be deleted by using a little 'trickie' ...

Have you tried this free version of NewsfIre? If you did, you probably have noticed that you cannot delete David Watanabe's blog RSS feed. That's the main reason why I sent it to the trash.
But there's more... Vienna and NetNewsWire are now both free. (Vienna has always been free.) And, IMHO, they're both better than NewsFire. They both have better (and nicer) interfaces, they are both easier to customize and both have built-in browsers (NewsFire has not).
Just one more thing... When NetNewsWire went free, NewsGator refunded the users who had bought a licence on the latest months. Why didn't the developer of NewsFire do just the same?

I don't feel bad for paying. Watanabe deserves the money. It's an excellent reader. I've been using it since 2004 and I have 0 complaints. It's beautiful.

I paid for newsfire which is now free and I do not use it. I LOVE Vienna which is also free works great and looks like a Leopard app. it is opensource free.

1.5 is out and NewsFire is now free, which sucks because I paid for lifetime upgrades...

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