Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2011-02-25 || License: Shareware (€8.00) Developer: ThinkMac Software | App Owner: thinkmac

Elegant, easy to use RSS news

NewsLife is an easy to use RSS news reader for your Mac. If you have not heard of RSS before, it's a technology for syndicating news headlines and a huge number of websites support it. By adding a website's RSS news feed to NewsLife you can keep up with all the latest news without actually having to visit the website until you see something you want to read.

Just like your with your email client, NewsLife keeps track of which news stories you have read and which you haven't, lets you search and sort stories just the way you want.

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Badly designed, poorly executed, Send back to drawing board.

Major failings include:
- Expanding folders automatically while sorting into groups
- Not having a single view for all unread articles
- No control over how much/little is displayed, particularly if feed has full article. Forces you to the website anyway.

Wasted 30min with this application.

It is indeed a nice RSS reader - tried NewsFire which doesn't attract me as much.

I'm using this as my primary RSS agregator and I'm lovin it! It's really simple to use. It doesn't have as many features as NetNewsWire, but i's still worth the money. I love the idea of the News Bin and the tabbed interface :)

Brilliant work. Probably the best rss aggregator there is for macs now.
Nice and simple to use, Looks great and its powerful.

I am dead serious. Newsfire is extremely simple and has alot more functions. How does it get easier than hitting the space bar?

Hmmmm, I think NewsFire
still hold the lead ... but lets see how
this one develops...?

@miyamoto freak: I hope your not serious. It's a lot simpler and easier to use than NewsFire. You also must remember that it's still in beta.

Tried it. It's like a clone of newsfire with some key features missing and it isn't as easy to use.

uh, I dont like the icon

It's a pitty Search does not work. I noticed that on the support forum in december 2006 (!!). Up till now not reaction by ThinkMac Support but "Hmm it looks like the search function might be broken in the beta. I'll get that sorted."

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