Version: 2.5.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-29 || License: GPL App Owner: skuller12

Open-Source, multiplayer 3D Deathmatch game with a single player campaign with completely new advanced bot AI.

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2.5.2 is the latest release as of 9/29/2009. It features a great visual upgrade, as well as more finely tuned presets for your graphics settings, making set-up even easier than before.

This update increases the quality of rendering on older Macs, looks incredible on new ones, and as usual, it will run in Windows too.

This game is great.
But one of the most fascinating things about it might be the wide range of hardware this runs on with the right settings. You can easily run this on an old mac from 2000 or so with the appropriate settings.
But you can as well go wild with the settings and beat your top-notch MacPro to pieces with this game. The scaleability is just insane.

With the latest 2.3 release it seems to me that the bots have gotten much easier than before - usually in Instant Action matches, I'd get my arse handed to me more often than it seems I'm winning more often than I should.

What really impresses me is that I've seen performance boosts with advanced eye candy like bloom and real-time lights and shadows turned on. Nice.

Runs great in my 1.42 GHz PPC Mac Mini.

This game is the medicine.

I'm speechless right now.

Just came out from a 3 hour non-stop ultra hardcore games. And I just want more.

At first, I thought there were some things in Nexuiz, that didn't behave exactly as you're used to. First and foremost, the player movements have a slight accelleration/descelleration added to it. Which makes it feel a little funny in the beginning. But after a while, you're perfectly ok with it (I mean, perfectly ok with it).

Now on to some details. The sound effects are great. But, the music - although not every track - is, at times, super rad! Ingeniously crafted into this game, the music literally pumps out your adrenaline. It's that great.

I must frankly say, that I really can't collect my optimistic thoughts about this game and express it in words. But to all fps fanatics out there:

This is the game.

No unnecessary story plots, realistic yada yada; just pure battle, right from the start.