Version: 0.97.9-lion || Release Date: 2011-09-20 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Jay Tuley | App Owner: kamikazow

Play DVDs and QuickTime movies.

NicePlayer aims to be a multi-engine player designed for playing movies nicely for a person who likes to watch or present movies on their computer (such as the casual viewer or the video artist). This program features full screen or borderless floating windows, convenient controls for scrubbing or queuing movies, and on the fly playlist creation.

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This + Perian is the ideal solution to watch some downloaded divx in a corner without borders or any heavy interface.

Without Perian it's a bit useless, just like quicktime player because quicktime doesn't play many formats out of the box.

Controls and menus are invisible while playing, yet instantly accessible with a mouseover. Full-screen or corner window. Easy to use, very stable.

Well I guess it won't be hard to port the Xine plugin to Intel :-) This app is great. Borderless-stays-on-top video in a corner is just perfect.

This definately replaces quicktime for me. If only it integrated with VLC as well, it would be the only player I would need to use. I tried XINE, but it's PPC and didn't decode the video of a show I watch.

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