Nifty Box

Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2009-07-02 || License: Freeware Developer: Tim Scheffler | App Owner: soulmonkey

File & web organizer using tags.

Nifty Box is your personal library: Keep web bookmarks, classify pictures, and annotate documents. Organize your files with tags and let Nifty Box show you related information. Browse your library and find without searching.

Nifty Box offers the visualization of tag clouds in a hierarchical tree view. You can easily group related tags into folders very similar to the familiar handling of playlists and folders in iTunes. Nifty Box can show these tags either as traditional lists or as tag clouds.

Nifty Box is tightly integrated with the Mac system by exporting tags and notes to Spotlight. This way Spotlight can read your tags and smart folders get even smarter. Now you can add descriptive keywords to your web bookmarks, photos, PDFs, or any other file type just by drag & drop. Spotlight will find the items based on your custom metadata.

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2 Opinions

Please note that Nifty Box is no longer being developed as of July 1, 2009:

Nifty Box has a nice clean interface and does a good job in oranizing your files by tagging them. You can also group your tags in folders. The original files are not touched by nifty box. it only writes a comment to your files and stores an alias of the original file to its own database. Because of this it is much faster than K.I.T. and because of the clean interface much more flexible than punakea. That's the PROs. Now the CONs: I don't understand why this program do not use spotlight integration. So you can search in spotlight for keywords you added with nifty box but inside the nifty box inferface you can't search inside the files you tagged. That's a real pity because you have to open each file, when looking for something very special. Another think which can be integrated but insnt' yet: when tagging a file by dragging it into a sub-sub folder, i personally would appreciate to give all categories of the folders to the file. Say my tag is "vacancies" and i have a folder "activities" and a subfolder "2006", i would like if the program would do an autmatic tagging with the words "activities" and "2006". Another feature which would be great would be the following. When placing a file on my destop and tagging it with nifty-box it would be great if nifty-box could move my file automaticlly to a specified folder on my computer (e.g the folder "unread documents" based in my "documents" folder) whereas another document (with the tagging "to do" has to be moved to my "work" folder).
Beside that whishes for future versions: I think nifty-box is one of the best storage managers around. It is a promising start.