Version: 1.1.1(76) || Release Date: 2008-01-12 || License: Freeware Developer: nanmus | App Owner: nanmus

nLyrics is a free, open source and full-featured iTunes companion.

nLyrics basically provides four major functions. The first is that nLyrics enables you to control iTunes through hot keys.

The second is that nLyrics will dynamically load (or search on the Internet if proper plugins are provided) the lyrics of the currently played song and display the lyrics for you just when a particular line is sung by your favourite singer. In the new version, a full screen mode is added powered by Quartz Extreme. Try it out by yourself!

Thanks to TagLib 1.4 adapted by nLyrics to enable you to convert non-UTF8 encodings of the tag information embedded in the music files to UTF8 encoding, just like (and probably not like) what ID3MOD2 does. While the shareware ID3MOD2 can only convert MP3 files, nLyrics supports various file types including mp3, m4a, ape, mpc, flac, ogg, shn and wv.

The new nLyrics bundles several plugins with this release and one of them will search the cover arts in for you if there is not an artwork embedded in the music file. Currently, this particular plugin named Gibbon supports English, French, Germany and Japanese songs.

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The homepage link is dead, a better one would be

This is the missing controller everyone needs. Shortcuts, Artworks, Dynamic Lyrics!, Quartz Extreme Full Screen Effects and much more. Much better than CoverSutra or GimmeSomeTunes or Synergy.