Version: 5.51 || Release Date: 2012-02-11 || License: GPL App Owner: carrazy

Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.

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Best compiled from source without Fink/Darwinports.

Refer to http://x9.ath.cx/blog/#entry060715-235014 to fix the compile errors.

Development has not stopped, it's just been on hold. It's since been resumed.

NmapFE is kinda useless. Although useful to learn with. I should take it and make it support some of the latest options in nmap.

NmapFE is definitely a great way to go. Unfortunately, developement has stopped and it was last compiled with nmap 3.70, which is a bit dated and missing out on some of Nmaps new features (better OS and service detection).

Good program, probably one of the best network tools on a Mac. but get the fe version as stated before. Just unzip and Go.


Why not use nmap fe and avoid compiling all completely?


I think compiling this is best. I don't know about darwinports, but fink tends to be several versions behind.

Best installed using darwinports http://darwinports.opendarwin.org or fink http://fink.sourceforge.net. Can be compiled from source as well.