Version: 0.5.1 || Release Date: 2009-07-19 || License: GPL App Owner: grayhat

Fast and efficient Usenet downloader that is simpler to configure than alternatives. Has multiple newsserver (with multiple threads per server) and IPv6 support.

NNTPGrab is an open source usenet download program containing the following features:
• Import of NZB files
• Download from multiple servers using multiple threads
• Configurable download priority and server priority
• Possibility to run the GUI on a different computer than where the downloads are happening
• Possibility to control the program using a webinterface
• Support for NNTP-over-SSL
• Automatic NZB import (directory monitor)
• Integrated NZB search engine
• Automatic PAR2 repair
• Can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

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