Nokia Collector

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2006-12-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: jussi

A free application from Nokia to synchronize files on your phone and computer over the bluetooth. Surprisingly works also with other manufacturers' phones.

This program requires that the phone has a modern Bluetooth implementation.

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6 Opinions

This software seems to be abandoned, I suggest everyone to check Nokia Multimedia Transfer, it supports lots of newer Nokia phones and does much more things than this.

Can't get this up and running, it doesn't find my N73 :-/

Chagrins, acvabob: Nokia Collector requires that the phone's Bluetooth implementation is sufficiently good. Many Nokia phones, including older s60 phones are not compatible.

I recently switched from Nokia 6600 to SonyEricsson K700i and rediscovered this application. It's a much nicer way to organize stuff on my phone than browse mode of Bluetooth File Exchange.

Like it because alle I have to do is enable Bluetooth on my K750, start the application and let it connect to the phone. Copying files is done automatically.

Also doesn't work with my 6102i on Cingular in the US, and OS X's File Exchange works for me as well.

Doesn't work with my 6102i (Cingular in the US). Mac OS X's Bluetooth File Exchange works fine with it.