Version: 3.3.3 || Release Date: 2010-04-23 || License: Commercial with demo ($40.00) Developer: Nomadesk | App Owner: domien

The easiest and most secure way to share, synchronize and backup files wherever you are, online or offline!

Nomadesk develops the world's first virtual fileserver that enables both online and offline document management. The Nomadesk on-demand file sharing software enables "digital nomads" or geographically dispersed professionals to securely share, store, synchronize and backup files from any location, whether offline or online.

For added protection, Theftguard™ protects important files residing on the Nomadesk local drive (i.e., “Fileserver”). These files are tracked and remotely shredded in the event a user’s laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen. Theftguard™ also locates the lost or stolen laptop or mobile device via geo-location on Google Maps.

Nomadesk gives SMBs a robust and secure enterprise quality storage and file sharing solution without any upfront infrastructure costs. Nomadesk will:

•improve productivity
•maximize team collaboration
•increase data security
•reduce infrastructure costs with over 80%

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