Notational Velocity

Version: 2.0β5 || Release Date: 2011-03-31 || License: GPL Developer: Zachary Schneirov | App Owner: scrod

Notational Velocity is an application that stores and retrieves notes.

In Notational Velocity, the same area is used both for creating notes and searching. I.e., in the process of entering the title for a new note, related notes appear below, letting users file information there if they choose. Likewise, if a search reveals nothing, one need simply press return to create a note with the appropriate title.

Its unique advantages are as follows:
  • Modeless Operation
    Searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface.

  • Incremental Search
    Searching encompasses all notes' content and occurs instantly with each key pressed.

  • Transparent Encryption
    All information is compressed and encrypted (enabled optionally) before it is recorded to disk.

  • Mouseless Interaction
    Notational Velocity's window was designed for keyboard input above all else, and thus has no buttons.

  • Data Instead of Documents
    There is no manual "saving" in Notational Velocity; all modifications take effect immediately.

  • Complete External Access
    Synchronize natively with Simplenote, or via files in Dropbox with PlainText, Elements, iA Writer, and other iOS apps.

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24 Opinions

Still my favorite notes app ever. I just wish wish wish it was a universal binary...

Brilliant little app!

Unobtrusive and intuitive, I always have it running in the background and cmd-tab to it when i need to make a quick note or look something up - all in a matter of seconds.

No-nonsense stuff!

Notational Velocity has one of the most well-designed user interfaces in existence. No bells and whistles, no useless and time-consuming animations that you get tired of after the first day. Just a wicked fast way to store and retrieve text.

Assign a hotkey to (I use F4) it. Get Textpander and Jumpcut. Have any snippet of raw text pasted in 3 seconds (maybe less!). Make sure you learn the shortcuts of NV or you are not getting the full value of this app, especially Cmd-L, Cmd-J, Cmd-K, & Cmd-R

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