Notational Velocity

Version: 2.0β5 || Release Date: 2011-03-31 || License: GPL Developer: Zachary Schneirov | App Owner: scrod

Notational Velocity is an application that stores and retrieves notes.

In Notational Velocity, the same area is used both for creating notes and searching. I.e., in the process of entering the title for a new note, related notes appear below, letting users file information there if they choose. Likewise, if a search reveals nothing, one need simply press return to create a note with the appropriate title.

Its unique advantages are as follows:
  • Modeless Operation
    Searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface.

  • Incremental Search
    Searching encompasses all notes' content and occurs instantly with each key pressed.

  • Transparent Encryption
    All information is compressed and encrypted (enabled optionally) before it is recorded to disk.

  • Mouseless Interaction
    Notational Velocity's window was designed for keyboard input above all else, and thus has no buttons.

  • Data Instead of Documents
    There is no manual "saving" in Notational Velocity; all modifications take effect immediately.

  • Complete External Access
    Synchronize natively with Simplenote, or via files in Dropbox with PlainText, Elements, iA Writer, and other iOS apps.

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24 Opinions

I like the new icon but also the new features, specially the horizontal layout.
And I also like the possibility to format the text, the automatic recognition of hyperlinks and the options to customize the color of the notes field and the text font.
And the Simplenote sync is the icing on the cake.

Love the new icon.

Call me superficial, but I really like the note-like look of the JustNotes GUI over NV's more traditional GUI. That said, I'm going to go with NV for its innovative search/create feature, because in the end function wins face. I will keep JN on the drive just in case they steal the idea because, remember, I am superficial.

And fickle. With the discovery of this app I am now convinced Simplenote wins Evernote — it is a bloated platform — and I am officially jumping ship. I have a lot of Cmd-C/Ving to do.

So, if you came here on one of those "why are people polluting macosxhints and other 'hype' sites on this thing that, on a prima facie, resembles the 5000+ dead clones of" It took me about six months of going through this before I decided to give one of the GitHub forks a try, and I finally gave up Stickies/using flatfiles on unix after way too long. I normally ignore the hype on the mac networks, but this had more credibility since the forks/opensource stuff has clearly won over some of the better known macdev folks, who I have never seen easy to just sell on something.

First, it's open source and free. The SimpleNote integration makes it a real simple app to test, even if you're using EverNote. Second, it's already working to import and export notes. NV nor SimpleNote lock you in; in fact, their API encourages the stuff you can see on their API page.

Took me five minutes to see why people were loving this, and I suggest its worth the try.

Actually, the new icon has me. Although a bit odd, I think it's got charm.

Well, the icon went from worse to bad… But who cares when the program keeps improving in such leaps and bounds! Simplenote support is fantastic…!

Software is just great. Now with Simplenote Sync it replaced Evernote!

The new v2.0b2 with Simplenote sync and other fixes brings it ahead of JustNotes and Nottingham, I think.

Nice new icon and simplenote syncing! The king is back!

LIke it a lot. Can't wait for the integration with Simplenote!

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