Version: 3.0 v368 || Release Date: 2010-02-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: Circus Ponies | App Owner: circusponies

Clear clutter, save time.

Is your desktop cluttered with files? Are you drowning in sticky notes? Boxes of note cards? 3-ring binders? Do you remember where to find that important web clipping? The briliiant idea or crucial instruction you scribbled on a piece of paper? Circus Ponies NoteBook is the award-winning application that helps Mac users manage all those bits of information that lack a good home. Whether it's the notes, clippings, and to dos of your life, or the e-mails, diagrams and spreadsheets of that important project, NoteBook helps you keep it all organized and accessible.

With NoteBook, you organize your information naturally, using a familiar notebook interface, complete with pages and tabs, sections and subsections. Add notes andother text. Drag in files and folders. Even "clip" web research, mail messages and other content into your Notebooks without leaving the application you're working in. Annotate your information with diagrams and sketches, highlighting and keywords. Take voice-annotated notes that you can download to your iPod. And protect private thoughts with passwords, covers, and encryption.

Find anything instantly using NoteBook's patented Multidexâ„¢, that locates information based on what you remember about it: a name or number, the date you entered it, a keyword you assigned, even any combination. Then share it all by creating PDFs or publishing your Notebooks to the web, including direct web export to your MobileMe account.

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oops, v272 is available, not v72 as in my latest post, my fingers missed a stroke.

this is actually up to v72. I love Notebook, but wish it was possible to "Clip" from Firefox.

I write technical white papers. I use the "clipping" feature on a regular basis because it records the URL of where I clipped the information with the content I clipped.

I just bought this application yesterday (2008-06-28) and I'm happy to have an app using the notebook metaphor. I just bought a mac for the first time a month ago, and one of the programs I miss is MS' OneNote. The metaphor is perfect for projects and such where you want to gather lots of disparate information in one place. Certainly, you can create a folder on the hard drive, and populate it with text files and spreadsheets and databases and images, and if that's how you want to do it, more power to you, but there is a benefit to gathering that data into one interface for reading and annotating.

Speaking of, I like that right next to an image or text entry I can make a voice recording for explaining something or annotating it. With any luck, video recording will be a feature added at some point. That's my hope!

I would also like to point out that I wrote an email to the company yesterday and today, a Sunday, the weekend, I received back a response from the owner. That is FANTASTIC customer service. Hear me again: FANTASTIC! I've recently endured a spate of bad customer service, so I can honestly tell you how refreshing it is to work with a responsive company.

At the moment, the only thing about NoteBook that I would like to see added, and which I miss from OneNote, is the ability to click anywhere on a page and begun typing or pasting images. That kind of flexibility to write anywhere on a page only enhances the sense that one is writing on paper. A new version is about to come out, so unless this is already planned, I will have to wait for a .5 or higher upgrade most likely--if ever, but one can hope, and with this company, that hope is well founded!

I heartily recommend this application for anyone looking for a notebook application!

After spending days recovering from three Microsoft Office/Entourage crashes, I was determined to find a better solution to keep track of my projects. I remembered a friend had suggested CircusPonies (it's not a name you easily forget!). So, I tried out the software, and it is amazing. I love the way it synchs with iCal and the way you can refer to e-mails in your to-do lists. You can look at your data in a bunch of different ways, too, which I find extremely helpful. If my kids are home and phone calls are out of the question, I'll look to see what e-mails I have to write. Or sometimes I search by "due date" or project name. The choices are quite extensive. The program is very easy to learn, and they offer great video tutorials. I HIGHLY recommend this software. Oh, and it's inexpensive, as well.

NB is simply the app to record the info I need when maintaining friends' websites. From Host login/pws, to FTP pws and server addys, to domain renewal date reminder, NB now stores them in one neat little package.
No more Text file/stickies bunched up in folders.
Small tip: the Return and Enter keys do not behave the same: Return key creates a new cell thus a new bullet point (if enabled) while the Enter key acts as a line break.

Seriously worth your time to look at it, download the free trial, and if you don't like it I'll refund your money. LOL

Notebook is a program I have been looking for for years. I switched back to mac from PC because of it. I use it in my law practice. It is great for organizing witness examinations especially if you use the the one topic per page method (Cross Examination by Pozner & Dodd). One can have an image of the exhibit on the same page in the trial notebook where one writes questions.
This is a program every student should buy with their Mac

shanshuprophecy - poor you! You were in "list mode". NoteBook gives you a choice - list or paragraph mopde. This changes what the return key does. You can swap between modes as your needs suit.

NoteBook is extremely powerful with lots of options and features. Sometimes it can take a little experimenting and experience to figure out how to make the mpost of the tool. The developer provides excellent customer support and there's a user forum waiting to answer questions, and help you learn - and get the most our of NoteBook!

This app is a great idea but I found it a bit touchy and difficult to use. When trying to write a simple paragraph with more than 1 sentence for example, I couldn't get NOTEBOOK to stop putting each line in a separate point. I have recently tried NOTETAKER
which is a similar, filebinder app that seems to do all that this app claims to do with far more ease ...

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