Version: 3.0 v368 || Release Date: 2010-02-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: Circus Ponies | App Owner: circusponies

Clear clutter, save time.

Is your desktop cluttered with files? Are you drowning in sticky notes? Boxes of note cards? 3-ring binders? Do you remember where to find that important web clipping? The briliiant idea or crucial instruction you scribbled on a piece of paper? Circus Ponies NoteBook is the award-winning application that helps Mac users manage all those bits of information that lack a good home. Whether it's the notes, clippings, and to dos of your life, or the e-mails, diagrams and spreadsheets of that important project, NoteBook helps you keep it all organized and accessible.

With NoteBook, you organize your information naturally, using a familiar notebook interface, complete with pages and tabs, sections and subsections. Add notes andother text. Drag in files and folders. Even "clip" web research, mail messages and other content into your Notebooks without leaving the application you're working in. Annotate your information with diagrams and sketches, highlighting and keywords. Take voice-annotated notes that you can download to your iPod. And protect private thoughts with passwords, covers, and encryption.

Find anything instantly using NoteBook's patented Multidexâ„¢, that locates information based on what you remember about it: a name or number, the date you entered it, a keyword you assigned, even any combination. Then share it all by creating PDFs or publishing your Notebooks to the web, including direct web export to your MobileMe account.

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I REALLY wish I knew about Notebook BEFORE I invested my money on a ton of other high priced apps that I settled for and pieced together to do what Notebook natively does. It's great having one app that does everything I need. I use Notebook for everything now. Wish they had an iPad/iPhone version (crossing fingers). :)

Just bought Circus Ponies Notebook 3.0. I've asked the developer about a number of little issues and had instantaneous response, plus info that some suggestions will be in the next version.
Seems expensive and I hunted for coupons but.. it ISN'T expensive because it is so useful. It covers a broad range of functionality so there are some things that I'd like to see improved but used it for a month and have had no crashes, and it is quite useful. I was using TextEdit (Snow Leopard) and still do but this is far better than hunting for notes and files through the Finder. The Writing page format is like a TextEdit page and useful for notes when having phone calls. I often paste photos, maps and text (rich formatted text), research from Safari and hide it under a collapsable outline bullet. Learning the shortcuts is useful. Excellent for organizing projects you are working on. I'd like to see saving snapshots to another folder as backup since I'm paranoid- Notebook's so important now!

How does this compare to other Apps:
• DEVONnote
• Together
• ………………?

Dear mlivingstone,

I couldn't find NoteBook in the SmileOnMyMac website (as for now, June 3rd, it is 1Password only), but was happy to find it include in the current MacUpdate Spring Promo:

And that TechTool Pro and Parallels are included as well — does not make it worse! ;-)

PS: I get no benefit from mentioning this, other than feeling good having told you…! ;-)))

Notebook 3.0 (v351) is available at

At first glance a handy collector of all kinds of information, attention has been lacking for the details:
-iCal writes not syncs
-no table formatting
-clumsy positioning of graphics
-no proper pasting inside the application
-non standard keyboard shortcuts
-formatting for regular printouts is not very intuitive
-no localization
Sorry but this for $50 and v3 this is not acceptable.

I have used this app for a few months now and had no problems with it until recently when I used it for a big uni report. I had several serious issues when editing a page outside of the main window (using the 'open in new window' feature) where the page was not saved correctly and could not be opened by NoteBook anymore. I lost hours of work because of this and am highly disappointed

I cannot recommend this app for any kind of critical work.

I have used this since it first came out some years ago. The improvement to clippings, and the choice of page formats from text, outline with text comments and full outline, has really made it for me. I'm a speaker who also writes a lot and does papers and research. I really like being able to dump material into a point of first reference, rather than creating a lot of files.

WISH (unlikely tho) I have to work a lot in various Windows environments. I would like my Notebook to be online, like Evernote, and accessible on more than one platform and on a flash drive.

Maybe I'll have to shell out for a macbook and take that around with me . . .

In addition to my last post: I'd very much appriciate to get a germ localization of this app. If there are more germanspeaking people around here, please tell the developper. I have this done and got the answer that this is an issue they hope to get done ...

I use NoteBook since about 3 years. Love espacially the clipping services.
Now there is v. 3.0 of the great app and brings lots of new promising festures.
Have a look and try it.

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