Noted for Mac

Version: 0.8.0 || Release Date: 2012-10-09 || License: Free while in development Developer: BlankDesk | App Owner: allenbobo

Noted is a simple note taking app. It has a simple, beautiful interface and powerful features(Smart Lists, Markdown, iCloud, etc.)

Noted has a simple and beautiful interface that allows you to easily create and organize notes in colorful notebooks or sections. It has powerful features(Smart Lists, Markdown, iCloud, etc.) to bring you extraordinary note taking experience.

Noted is currently in early beta stage. More features will be added to the release version 1.0 on Mac App Store including iCloud sync.

1. Smart Lists: An effective way to handle lists.
2. Markdown: The plain text can also be powerful.
3. Notebooks: Categorize your notes in different notebooks for different subjects or projects
4. Sections: You can further organize your notes with sections.
5. Unfiled: The best place to jot down quick notes.
6. Trash: Recover deleted notes from trash.
7. View Modes: View your notes in card mode or list mode.
8. Full Screen: Use every inch of your Mac’s display
9. iCloud: Sync your notes seamlessly across your devices. (Only Mac App Store Version)
10. Search: Show the search results as soon as you type.
11. Keyboard Shortcuts: You will never have to take your hands off the keyboard.
12. Sharing: Share your notes via system sharing service (email, messages, etc.)

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1 Opinion

What a great piece of note software! Super-simple, with a sleek, elegant interface, very Mac!