Version: 1.1.0 || Release Date: 2014-04-17 || License: Commercial with demo (Free) App Owner: johnfarrel

A Remarkable Note Organizer and Task Manager

Couldn’t find those interesting articles behind bookmarks? Got inspiring ideas and thoughts? Wanted to follow up your plans or classes? Tried quite hard to recall all your to-dos? Hoped to keep every detail in order and have painless access? Ever wished an amazing tool by which notes could contain not only texts and images, but also sounds and even videos?

Then it’s time to try NoteSpirit, a remarkable note organizer and task manager for you. It helps you to easily create notes from your life, efficiently manage your daily tasks, and enrich your Note-taking experiences.

Key Features:

- Create notes with rich texts, tables, images, audio and movie clips.
- Clip web pages into notes.
- Take photos as illustration of what was happening.
- Record voices and videos for vivid presentation.
- Add PDF documents and attach files.
- Organize notes by tags and classify them into colored libraries and folders.
- Manage all the To-Do items scattered in your notes in a single task list.
- Fullscreen editing mode avoids distractions.
- Fast access to recent notes.
- Type in anything you're looking for, and relevant results pops up.

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