Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2011-06-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($4.99) Developer: | App Owner: kewagi

Download stuff to your Mac from anywhere.

Doing things on your computer remotely can be a chore. You shouldn’t have to deal with computer-nerd stuff like IP addresses and SSH just to get that neat video onto your computer when your friend tells you about it at the bar.

Enter NoteTote.

NoteTote lets you remotely tell your Mac at home to download files. That’s it. Just leave NoteTote running in the menubar on your home Macintosh and when you’re out and about, use Simplenote on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, any Mac or PC Simplenote client, or any internet-enabled computer to give your computer files to download. Your Mac at home downloads the files, and they’re ready for you when you get home. Simple, secure, no technical wizardry required.

NoteTote lets you download any kind of file — .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .zip, .dmg, .app, .pdf, you name it — if it’s a public file on the web, NoteTote can download it. All while you’re away from your computer.

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