Version: 2.1.3 || Release Date: 2012-09-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.95) Developer: Click On Tyler | App Owner: tylerhall

The elegant notepad for your Mac.

In the spirit of Notational Velocity, Nottingham is an elegant notepad for Mac OS X. Designed to be lightweight and easy to use, it's a breath of fresh air perfect for storing whatever is on your mind. Best of all, it keeps your data safe by syncing to your iPhone via Simplenote.


* Crazy-fast syncing to your iPhone and the web using Simplenote.
* View your notes in portrait or landscape mode.
* Tags!
* Store your files as plain text notes so you can easily sync with Dropbox.
* View fully customizable Markdown previews of your notes.
* Navigate quickly between your notes with WikiLinks.
* Completely keyboard navigable — no mouse needed.

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8 Opinions

The one flaw with this one is that you can't set a bring-to-front hotkey, like you can in NV and its forks.

As a strong minimalist in mind i really like this little app! Perfect for its purpose.
It will be great if you give us opportunity to select generic fonts. Helvetica Neu Light is so... light and minimalistic :)

@goobimama I still prefer this app way more than Notational Velocity. The UI is cleaner, the icon is better, and overall the experience is more what I expect from an OSX software.

And now with Notational syncing with Simplenote, this app can be said goodbye to (for those who knew it for any period of time)

Why oh why am I limited to five preselected fonts!? Fatal flaw, in my opinion… OS X has an elegant and capable font selection system - use it.

Notational Velocity is free. That makes this program $15 more than NV. So far, I can't see $15 worth of additional goodies in here… maybe 5, maybe 10… I hate to put a value on other peoples' work, but when you admit that you're reinventing the wheel… At least make your new wheel bring something spectacular to the table, or else I'm just going to stick to my old, free wheel.

It has promise but… Just not that compelling yet.

Good, but not good enough. Won't and can't replace Notational Velocity. At least not as it is right now.

These simplenote-compatible apps are proliferating like rab'ts in heat, with half-arsed versions released every half-hour. I just wish all these developers were a bit more responsible, seeing as I just had to recover half my note collection from the iphone after using this one. I'd be snookered if I didn't have the backup.

Incredibly useful app. The developer is constantly updating and improving. The only desktop/iPhone note combination I've been able to make work for me.