Nulana's Launcher

Version: 1.4.1 || Release Date: 2011-12-27 || License: Shareware (Free) Developer: Nulana | App Owner: nulana

A fast and light utility that speeds up the way you work on your Mac!

  • Application Launcher
    Use application names, abbreviations, and short commands to launch any app.
  • Web Searches
    Quickly and easily perform Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay, Youtube, Wikipedia and other searches.
  • Commands
    Simplify the execution of commands like Screen Saver, Mute, Shutdown and others.
  • Calculator and Dictionary
    Perform simple and complex calculations and look up brief word definitions.
  • Fast Access to Files and URLs
    Make it easier to open frequently used files and websites.
  • Scripts
    Execute shell commands without Terminal app.

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