Version: 2.11.10 || Release Date: 2014-12-28 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: GerTeunis | App Owner: gerteunis

An easy, efficient and powerful NZB client for OSX, optimized for performance and ease of use. A real no-nonsense usenet downloader.

An easy to use but powerful usenet client. Efficient (cpu, memory and io wise) and tries to be the most efficient usenet client around. Takes care of all the post processing, file skipping and cleanup for you..

A selection of the current features:
  • Optimizes download size (skips pars not needed)
  • Post processing (par and unrar)
  • Cleanup after download
  • SmartCheck
  • Shutdown when all downloads are completed
  • NZB watch folder
  • Skip Sample files (option)
  • Multi connection downloading
  • Simultaneous transfer (option)
  • yEnc encoded articles
  • Simple but clear UI
  • Optimized for OSX 10.6 (32/64 bit)
  • Native GUI for OSX
  • Small footprint, micro
  • Low HDD usage (memory caching)
  • SSL servers
  • Download Throttling/Limiting
  • Growl support
  • Auto update

Happy downloading!

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5 Opinions

To use this to it's full potential you have to pay the license fee of $14,95 and
take my word for it it's more than worth it. I have a giganews platinum account
and use 50 simultanious connections. NZBvortex does post processing aswell,
auto repair (par/par2), auto extract, auto cleanup (many options, you can add
file extensions yourself that you want to be cleaned up as well), bandwidth throttling, etc, etc.

The support is great. I've submitted 2 bug reports (a few versions back) and got
response within a day, the next release (a few days after I submitted the bugs) it
was fixed.

Same for new features I suggested. The program doesn't hog cpu/memory resources at all not even when having multiple downloads or when it's post processing.

If you just need a client to download binaries from usenet and don't care about
reading/posting then NZBvortex is by far the best you can get. Pull out the $14,95
for the license as it's more than worth it.

This programm is sense and simplicity, very compleet. I can recommend this to everyone. last thing but not least, the support is verry good if you have any qestions or problems regarding nzbvortex offcourse, you get a answer/update that day.

Don't know in what universe you live, but here, on planet Earth, Sabnzb uses a lot more resources, because you actually have sabnzb and SAFARI running. CPU usage can't be low if you are heavy downloader on a high speed connection (add SSL to the list) decoding yEnc on the fly. I was using Sabnzb for over 6 months, but it's very hard to use if you need just to download and you are not heavy usenet downloader. Maybe GUI is not attractive enough, but it's there and for 10 bucks it's best what I was able to find. 29 for Unison is way too much if you only download and sabnzb is too complex for everage user. I'm happy there is a choice.

I think you are wrong there.

The current version uses way less memory compared to sabnzbd+ and also provides post processing, cleanup, SSL, cleanup, SmartCheck, Shutdown when done, Folder monitor for new NZBs, Sample skip, Growl support, auto update and much much more.

Some features aren't even in SabNZBD at this moment.

This is not freeware, you have to pay to unlock any of the useful features. As far as I can tell it will only allow two simultaneous connections - I'm assuming if you pay you get more, but it isn't clear.

From the very limited use you can make of it without paying, it seems fine. However it offers nothing over the free and much more functional SabNZBD+ (which includes unlimited connections, post processing, SSL, and a web interface), or if you're going to pay go for Unison. It doesn't appear to be less processor intensive than SabNZBD+, and the native GUI is not attractive enough to win anyone over.