Ocean Waves

Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2006-09-03 || License: Shareware ($10) Developer: Katsura Shareware | App Owner: katsura

Ocean Waves generates a simulated sound of ocean waves. Unlike the recorded sound of real ocean waves, it does not repeat for hours.

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4 Opinions

Nice. Just the ticket for a boy that grew up by the sea and now living in a tiny flat in the middle of London.

Some of the Ocean Waves users discovered that this also helps your baby relax and fall asleep (I assume it has something to do with the sound in the womb).

My thought as well. It's impressive, but the audio is too static filled, like a bad television signal or, as was said, a radio out of tune. Kind of gave me a headache after awhile.

Sounds more like a radio out of tune..