Version: 1.8 || Release Date: 2012-07-23 || License: Freeware App Owner: stecchino

OmniDiskSweeper is a Mac OS X utility for quickly finding and deleting big, useless files and thus making space on your hard disks. OmniDiskSweeper makes this easy by highlighting the biggest files on your disks, and by noting which files are used by the system, so you don't accidentally delete important files.

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Exactly what I wanted. Shows the accumulated size for each folder and individual files in a nice browsable Finder column like style. A great app!

Very useful app. I often use.

Download this. You need it; you just don't know it yet. I used the free version for the first time today, when I realized my HD was nearly full. I used it to free up a whole 5GB! Definately one of my favorite apps.

It's not the sexiest looking Mac app there is but it'll save you mountains of space once you use it and see where all that hard drive space has gone. It helped me find out which apps where hogging all the space and could delete themes, sample music etc...

@ suitcase

Fortunately, 99% of the functionality is available WITHOUT having the buy a license. The only feature unlocked is the ability to delete the files directly in OmniDiskSweeper instead of navigating the Finder yourself.

Well here's teh icon to whoever uploaded the info..

I think this app does a fantastic job at what it's meant to do - I prefer it to all the alternatives.

I can't stand the silly $15 price, though. If Omni lowered it I'd buy a license, as I value the simplicity of how it works.

Another comment...

It is such a simple but useful tool that automatically "sweeps" your hard drive and sorts everything (including hidden files) by file size so you can within moments identify where all of your space goes. You'll probably be surprised at how many hundreds of MB or GB you save by downloading this free tool. For example, most people have 2 GB of printer drivers installed on your computer. I understand the convenience of just plugging anything into your Mac, but if your short on space they've got to go.

Another great app from Omni Group. This little app has saved me at least 3-4 GB on every Mac I own and if you buy a Mac brand new it's a great way to clean out extra printer drivers and other large files you're surprised are taking up space. Especially helpful for the new MacBook owners with only 60 GB drives (41 GB usable off the shelf).

The basic functionality is free, too. You can get the license to activate the convenient "Delete" button in the app or you just navigate in Finder and delete all the big files yourself.