Version: 2.0.3 || Release Date: 2014-10-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($79.95) Developer: OmniGroup | App Owner: ecable

Task management shouldn’t be your full time job. We’ve built OmniFocus to take a load off your mind by managing your tasks the way that you want, freeing you to focus your attention on the things that matter to you most. Finish that novel. Spend more time with your friends and family. Grow your business. Let us worry about keeping your goals and tasks, both personal and professional, in one ordered, easy to access system that you can depend on.

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I've been using Omnifocus for the whole pre-release phase, and I'm glad I did. It's probably the best GTD software out there. If you are a strict GTD applier (or not) and you want to be able to play around with your work, this apps give you the possiblity to do it.

I need to be in control of the list of tasks that I need to do. If it takes me too much time to find it out, I'd rather do it on paper. Omnifocus does give me that kind of control, which is the reason I've bought the product and I'm happy with it.

I've been using OmniFocus since the sneaky peeks and have passed from feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the earliest releases to being very impressed by the (constantly updating) latest builds. Although it is still pre-release, OmniFocus is now my "trusted system" thanks primarily to its comprehensive features. Furthermore, it is intuitive to use and reliably does everything a GTD system should. This is no simple to-do list!

I am keeping an eye on Things to see how it evolves but at present it still falls short of OmniFocus, whose comprehensive features, repeating actions and syncing to iCal (and hence my Palm for when I am on the go) combined with the current half-price offer swung the deal to convert my interest into a sale for the Omni Group. If the developer's past history of updating and improving their software is anything to go by, I honestly think that other apps will have their work cut out to surpass OmniFocus. Roll on the competition and consumer choice!

@ css_sam: I hope you're right. OmniFocus seems to grow too big, lately, and I would like to test drive before deciding whether or not to buy an OmniFocus license. But unfortunately, there's no public beta for yet.

I was quite disappointed by OmniFocus. Hiram, I strongly expect Things from Cultured Code to become the real killer app ( It seems to hit the sweet spot between ease of use and feature richness.

I'm trying this out now. Looking for a simple GTD app that is not too stringent since I use it more as a glorified to do list. Midnight Inbox looks cool but is way over my head, Actiontastic is nice and almost Open Source but development is slow, iGTD is pretty cool but way too much going on for my purposes, and What ToDo is nice and simple but a little too sparse. Omnifocus seems to be the winner so far. It's pretty stable so it should hit beta sometime soon. Not sure how many more features they are looking to add.

Received the invitation now, and OmniFocus surely lives up to the expectations. I started using it for real-life projects two minutes after launching it for the first time. It's quite stable for an alpha version, but I did lose my data a couple of times (which is to be expected with pre-release software and shouldn't be a problem if you use the 'backup database' command a lot, like I do).

This might just become a real killer app for Mac OS X, making procrastinating Windows users 'switch' in droves.

I signed up for the mailing list on the 7th of April, and just got an invite last week, so you just need to wait patiently. Good things take time after all! Haha.

Anyway, still more development to be done yet, so don't hold your breath. Should be good when its complete though.

I've been waiting for a beta invitation/password for several weeks now, and for a fleeting moment I thought that seeing OmniFocus on iusethis meant that there was a public beta, finally... but no. Bummer!

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