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Version: 3.9.5 || Release Date: 2010-01-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($69.95) Developer: Omnigroup | App Owner: josh

OmniOutliner Professional is the deluxe version of OmniOutliner, a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information.

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OmniOutliner is a great app. I use it for note taking and make lists with it. Great design and great support. One of few Mac companies I really trust.

The voice record is a nice feature, and is the only reason I upgraded. I'm really glad I did. Although there are all kinds of voice programs, including in Office, which I have, but OO is more stable, I think. I use the audio to record my thought, then I put them into OO. It is now essential for me.
I don't like the styles at all, but I also haven't really learned too much about them.
My only other request would be better integration with DevonThinkPro, but I can imagine that won't happen. Hey, intrepid scripters, got any ideas?

At last - 3.7.1b has Quick Look support.

Too little bang for the buck. With the release of OmniFocus, there is a much more focused app for GTD like activity. For brainstorming, the standard version of Mindmanager or even FreeMind are more suitable.

Unfortunately, there are little samples for other purposes, e.g. a meeting agenda, a budget etc. And there is little value in the upgrade from Standard to Pro, other than the voice over or video, which you may not want to put into an outline anyway. It looks a bit as if the developers where not sure themselves what added value to provide in exchange for the money.

OOP is also limited in that the column style is fixed. I have tried this doing meeting protocols. The Who/When/What columns would expand the whole document, even when they were only needed for the last paragraph.

Ok - there's an option in the general preferences to "Automatically create attachments from typed URLs" which turns off hyperlink formatting. But the burden is on the user to search for URL as a synonym for hyperlink.

I wish I hadn't paid for it. Getting presentable output is excruciating. It won't turn off automatic hyperlink formatting. I feel like I'm using Microsoft Word, the way it's trying to second-guess my attempts at formatting. Searching for "hyperlink" in the help messages gives no results -- I can accept poor help files in a free open-source app. but for a commercial product, it's really unacceptable.

Couldn't imagine living without this app!

Despite my complaining about styles below, though, I have to say that using this program has enabled me to clear up some conceptual problems in a book manuscript that I've been working on for several years!

To say styles are "kind of a pain in the ass" (as Zach did below) is an extreme understatement -- they are an utter nightmare. And the "Paste with Current Style" option doesn't work properly -- the pasted line will have the line properties of the current style but any text attributes will still be those of the source -- which means lots of wasted time reformatting if you're moving an outline in from another program.

It's great. What it does, it is the best.

I think that OOP is the list maker bar none. It is the best tool out there for structured hierarchical outlines and the preparation of documents.

That said, I think that if they followed KIT or Yojimbo or Mori or DevonThink and their 'gathering and collection' abilities it would be a mistake for Omni.

OOP prepares documents.

The others do databases, either analysable like devon, or loose like VoodooPad. But you wouldn't reach for any of them, maybe Mori, if you wanted to prepare a document.

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