OmniOutliner Pro

Version: 3.9.5 || Release Date: 2010-01-07 || License: Commercial with demo ($69.95) Developer: Omnigroup | App Owner: josh

OmniOutliner Professional is the deluxe version of OmniOutliner, a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information.

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Most of my thesis is currently contained in OmniOutliner... LOVE!

One of my favorite things about being a mac user is this program. Here's why:

I use the kGTD system to organize my life (, which requires OOP. Well worth the product price alone. I've also used it to help with the creative process of... pretty much any project, by asking myself a series of increasingly specific questions in the header and flushing out the details in the subheaders. I imagine, for those familiar with the snowflake method of narrative development, this program could be used to achieve that end.

It's the most useful thing on the planet when it comes to notetaking. I used to take notes in Microsoft Word, which does have auto-numbering capabilities for different levels of indentation when it recognizes that you're writing an outline; but its outline features are pretty severely limited beyond that, since you're confined to Word's environment.

You are able to expand and collapse any heading or subheading, which makes things considerably easier on the eyes. In my class notes, I'll often pose a heading as a question, and give an increasingly detailed answer through a series of nested subheadings and further questions... which makes studying fairly easy.

You can paste images (which are, themselves, collapsable) directly into the notes. Pretty damn helpful when it comes to describing mechanisms and anatomy in neuroscience (I'm much more of a visual guy)

I'm experimenting with the style formatting features right now. In my neuroscience info, for instance, important notes have a red-tinted background, anatomy info has a green background, mechanism info has a blue background, and helpful notes to aid my understanding have an orange background. Be warned, though, styles are kind of a pain in the ass with OOP.

I haven't tried taking notes on the fly in class with it yet, but I suspect it would work pretty well for people who lug their laptops around with them. There's a feature that allows you to record sound directly to an outline... I guess that might be helpful for lecture notes, disk space pending.

I'd like to see better indexing and linkback functionality (a la voodoo pad) and maybe an area to drop auxilary media / documents / web archives (devonthink); and, as I said, creating and using styles is not the most intuitive. but, for what it is, this program is pretty solid.


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