Version: 5.11 || Release Date: 2011-06-21 || License: Freeware Developer: The Omni Group | App Owner: gwenli

OmniWeb is a browser for Mac OS X with a unique way of viewing tabs, specific site preferences, and a whole lotta other stuff.

A full-featured native web browser for Mac OS X. Highly multi-threaded and written using Apple’s Cocoa frameworks, OmniWeb is designed to provide you with the best user experience you’ll find in a web browser. We think it’s important to polish every user interaction to make sure that the browser acts the way you want it to — so you can stop thinking about the application you’re using and just get at the information you want, quickly.

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I used to use Omniweb and also bought a license for it. But then a bit more than a year ago it just had too many incompatibilities with sites i just had to use on a regular basis. so i made the switch to Safari. but not with 5.5 beta 1 out I made the switch back, and a happy surfer again. the tabbed browsing in Omniweb is amazing, i just love the icons. Plus i don't think the UI is ugly, looks way better than Firefox and Camino. The site prefs are great, and i love the idea of the workspaces. Now what would really help is if Inquisitor would work with OmniWeb.

5.5 is seriously an awesome browser and the fact that they are still working on it is great news. I don't know if I will pay the price they are asking for but who knows if I depend onthose features then maybe ... they have worked on a great product and do deserve some return on it.

Agree, it's UI is a little ugly, however since the 5.5 beta has been knocking around, it's hard to ignore this browser much longer. Will I pay for a it when it comes out? No. Paying for a browser at this point is nonsense.

With version 5.5 (currently in testing), there's no more reason for me to use any other browser. It's as fast and as compatible as Safari, and has a killer set of features unmatched by any other browser (site-specific prefs, state preservation, visual tabs, banner blocking, shortcuts, workspaces, expandable text fields, etc.)

I like it, I just don't use it as my primary browser. Sometimes, for fun.

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