Version: 5.11 || Release Date: 2011-06-21 || License: Freeware Developer: The Omni Group | App Owner: gwenli

OmniWeb is a browser for Mac OS X with a unique way of viewing tabs, specific site preferences, and a whole lotta other stuff.

A full-featured native web browser for Mac OS X. Highly multi-threaded and written using Apple’s Cocoa frameworks, OmniWeb is designed to provide you with the best user experience you’ll find in a web browser. We think it’s important to polish every user interaction to make sure that the browser acts the way you want it to — so you can stop thinking about the application you’re using and just get at the information you want, quickly.

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Useful feature when starting with OmniWeb: use 'Window'->'Save Window Size' to set the default size for new windows. (I was annoyed by the factory default that I found always to short for my taste.)

Great, I'm gonna try Omniweb, It is hard to remplace Safari 4, but Now free, it deserves an opportunity

I've so far found the 5.7 beta very stable. It my primary browser and it gets heavy use (developer in a busy digital agency). The main gripe with any WebKit browser is usually memory use, 5.7 uses a lot less (though still more than your average mozilla browser).

Crashed a lot for me when I tried it -- more than once a day. As someone who does professoinal software development (most of it being for the Web), and who goes to school online, that's just unacceptable, sorry.

Sent many crash reports to Omni and never heard a word back from them.

Wonderful piece of software. Considering how much its grown on me recently, I'll likely be buying it soon. Its the only thing thats managed to pull me away from Opera in all the years I've been using it (on OSX at least).

Once they add resurrecting of closed tabs, better ordering or tabs (switching back to last viewed when closing), and just some general bugfixes, I'll be sold.

I gave OmniWeb 5.5 a swirl a couple of days ago to have a look at a more feature-rich browser than the Safari 3 beta. First, I was sceptical, especially considering it actually costs money (gasp)! At first, I thought it was like Safari just with preview tabs. Then, I found the individual site preferences, encountered workspaces, understood the search terms system and grasped the concept behind the adblocker.

Hence I switched for good. Great deal for $15, and I am pretty sure 5.6 will be even better. I like to support Mac devs, and OmniWeb definitely deserves some recognition (and yes, gasp, money).

Anyone else experience bugs with forms and linefeeds?

For some reason on the private backoffice we use at my company everytime I post a form with a TextArea it seems to add a newline character at the end of each auto-wrapped line. Is the form posting part any different from Safari (which doesn't have this problem)?

Its one of those apps that you might not fully appreciate it until you take the time to actually give it some thorough use and discover whats behind it. I think its great and the price is right. The individual site preferences are fantastic and great bookmark managing.

This thing is awesome ! It does lack some features of Firefox (like developers plugins) but aside from this I love it and use it as much as I can. None of the other browsers seem to offer such a 'like butter' scroll smoothness. Everything just feels snappy in this version which is why I hate Firefox most. I love the preview tabs also.

I know most of these features (and more) are available in Firefox through plugins but really it's a refreshing app. I'd love to see being supported natively (as an option).

PS: The price is now 14.95$ according to their website. Definitely worth it (as soon as I figure out how to pay with Paypal on their shop...).

5.5.2 beta 1 out: great improvements, now RSS feeds can be handled directly in you fav newsreader. Works perfectly with NetNewsWire.

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