Version: 1.25 || Release Date: 2013-06-26 || License: Freeware App Owner: joymlarson

Get it now, the best and most intuitive way to take control of your iSight (or any other USB) camera!

✔ Set a timer on your camera
✔ Schedule and control start / end recording time
✔ Motion Activated recording

And it will run from the menubar rather than from the dock. This allows you to record more discretely, if you need to.

We at EggDevil love Apple to bits, and we sure love their work. But we thought, hey, wouldn't it be great if they gave you just a little more control over your camera? It is yours after all! You bought it, or someone who likes you did!

Have you ever wanted to use that extra usb camera you had laying around to do some time-delay photography? Maybe? No? Make it a new hobby!
Have you ever wondered if someone was sneaking into your office while you're at lunch? Or maybe you already know they are, but would love to get evidence?
What about recording yourself while you work? No, don't do that. Seriously. Not worth it.
But how about simply wanting to know who's using your computer when you're not around?

This is your app. onCue gives you full control of your iSight camera, and it works on any external camera your Mac will recognize. This enables you more flexibility in how you set up whatever thing it is you need to set up.

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