On The Job

Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2008-01-28 || License: Shareware ($24.95) App Owner: justin

A spectacularly refined timeclock app, with a beautiful Applesque interface and a simple yet powerful featureset.

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8 Opinions

Excellent design, easy and intuitive to use. Very Mac-like.

Love it, I just wish it had some sort of job number of feature! would have been perfect, quite simple to add as well really.

It's great designed app which works out-of-the-box and definitely does its job, but for some people it might be too simple.
Personally I am working with about 12 different clients and On The Job doesn't allow me to organize all my data in satisfying way.

In short words:
If you are issuing invoices once per week, go with On The Job - if more, consider Billings...

I tried to make this.
On The Job is the ultimate Time tracking tool from the same developer that created Overflow. It's 'the ultimate' because it just about nails it when it comes to all the functionality that I would expect from an app like this. And it remains being slick, basic and simple. I once tried to make something like this myself... Don't know why I even bothered with this around.

The invoicing looks sharp.

On the Job *****
Simple timer, easy to use. Down to earth. Hard working.

Billings ***
Integrated full service that's inflexible. Tall, Good Looking & Aloof.

iWork **
Complicated and messy. A well intentioned disaster.

Another vote for OTJ being the perfect time tracker software for individual freelancers using OSX. Developer is a nice guy and open to suggestions. I've tried all the other apps out there as well, and this one got my registration before the demo even ran out.

I've tried all the time tracking apps I could find and this one is the best. The design is elegant, and it's reliable and stable. It will create your invoices for you if you like or you can easily export to CSV, XML, Text, PDF. For anyone who bills for their time this is the best. Its completely intuitive interface is quite easy to use. The developer is responsive too.